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St. Cloud Woman Wins Dream Getaway #27
Congratulations to Becky Gonzales of St. Cloud — the winner of Dream Getaway #27! We called Becky this morning to let her know that she had won the trip of a lifetime.
My Secret Insider Info For Getting Qualified For Dream Getaway 27
We've given away 26 dream getaways to central Minnesota residents over the last few years. I’ve been asked over and over again if I had any tips for people who have been trying to get through the phone lines and get qualified for a dream getaway of their own.
History Says We Should Expect Snow Today
The bad news is that according to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, St. Joseph's first snowfall of the year should happen today--if history is any indicator according to their climate record.
Halloween Capital Of The World Is Located Here In Minnesota
Anoka, Minnesota is the Halloween capital of the World--or at least Congress proclaimed them to be in 1938! According to their website the city was the first of its kind to host organized Halloween activities by community leaders.