There is a police chief in New Jersey that is taking a very aggressive stand in regards to monitoring what his child does on the computer.  He actively hacks into his daughter's Facebook account.  Not only that, he encourages other parents to do the same, and he teaches seminars so that they can learn how.  Would you hack into your kid's Facebook account?

Police Chief James Batelli, shows parents how to install security software programs, and teaches them to capture passwords, monitor kids’ accounts, and see all activity that occurs – with the child completely unaware of anything.

This sounds very sneaky at first.  And my mother certainly would've never spied on me in such a way.  There is a certain amount of trust in every parent/child relationship.  It differs in each particular instance.  Some kids are just naughtier than others, and their activity has to be monitored.  Parents must accurately, and honestly, evaluate the intelligence of their child, as well, when it comes to computer use.  If your child is an angel, that gets straight A's - maybe you're not worried about them getting in trouble on the computer - but as a parent, don't you still want to protect them from weirdos?  Me too.

Don't be afraid to give your child the obligatory "As long as you are living under my roof" bit, when it comes to the computer.  I limit my son's time on the internet, and monitor it closely, but he's only ten.  When he gets older, I'm not sure what I'll do then.  I'd like to trust him, but.....Bottom line - you're NOT a bad parent for spying on your kid.

But again, I ask, would you hack into your child's Facebook account?  Well, if you've ever wanted to - now you have an excuse!