Like a lot of us, especially when times are hard we find ourselves short of money because we blew it all on vacation or gifts for birthday's we end up having to scrounge around for some cash to go out.

It's date time with the  significant other and eek no money, what do we do?

Be creative, there are many things to find to do and yes it's called a cheap date.

Oh the magical flame in the relationship needs to continue to burn so keeping your billfold in check try some of these ideas:

  • Grab the kids pool out and fill it up with warm water and include bath gel for some romantic suds and do this around sunset. Get out the romantic candles, the wine and some soft music and before you know it romance has filled the air.
  • You seen each other hundreds maybe thousands of times naked so now it's time to bring out the pencils and begin drawing each other. You really start to see each other in whole new way.  Consider it maybe funny, yet fun all at the same time and before you know it you have a neat little collectors item of each other.
  • Sometimes there is no better fun than spending time with each other in the kitchen. Magic happens there whether one does the cooking or both and even the cleaning up afterwards, you're doing it together. The activities in the kitchen can be endless, oh yeah did I forget to say open the wine and you're off to the races. Have fun!!

There are many different ways to find romance even if it's on a budget, it isn't always necessary to feel like you have to spend money to find romance in the air. Romance and creativity go hand in hand and sometimes make for best memories you'll ever have.