Sexting is now oldschool, Flirtexting is the new thing that has been kicked into gear.

Actually if you hit up Cosmo, they have around 80 flirts to text that guy and win his heart for all occasions, woohoo.

Let's get this flirting started:

  • Before the hot date -  Anticipation, foreplay whatever you need but try, "Look forward to you seeing me tonight :)",wow that's killer.
  • While shopping for that sexy lingerie - "Black panties or red, I'll model the winner for you tonight" That text is a mover ladies, men love that lingerie.
  • After Dining with his parents - add some flirty humor for this one, " Was that your hand rubbing my leg under the table or your dad's" meeting anyone's parents is huge.
  • When you get out of the shower - this is a doozie, "Just out of the shower, want to swing by and dry me off?", before you finish that text he'll be knocking at the door.
  • After a second date - guys love knowing what you thought of the date, "Thanks for dinner and the entertainment, I had a lot of fun last night." that text is agreat message.
  • Girls night out - have fun without him, yet still craving him is a key flirt, " Out with the girls, however; going to need a testosterone fix tomorrow, you up for it?"
  • Just because -  another great message that you miss him, "Been thinking of you, and my thoughts aren't all rated PG!"