We were super excited to send Sauk Rapids fourth-grader Ella Gunderson and her mom Amy to see the Selena Gomez "Stars Dance" Tour stop at the Target Center last Thursday night.  Ella's little brother entered the contest for his big sister and won!  She also picked up $200 in spending cash and a makeover from the Eleven Hair Salon in Sauk Rapids.  We made Ella promise to blog about her experience and send us pics after the big show!


Here's what Ella sent in this morning...


My Mom and I went to Eleven to get our hair and nails done. I got my hair curled and French braided in the front and mom got her hair curled. She got hers done before me and got her nails done. I got to choose the nail colors so I chose light green and pink, and once I was done with hair the worker did my nails and put some music notes on one finger and sparkly lines on one other finger. After we took pictures.

Once we got there mom wondered if she would have to bring her camera back to the car and we headed to get a tee shirt. We got our bags checked and they said that we couldn’t bring moms camera into the concert. He said that there were lockers to put our camera in while the concert was going so we didn’t need to go to the car.

 The lights went dim and Christina Grimmie started to sing a song that I didn’t know and after introduced herself. She sung some more songs and the lights started to turn on. Christina had a very good voice. Then a few minutes later, Emblem 3 started singing and I didn’t know the first song but I knew the others. Emblem 3 was a good band and reminded me of One Direction.

The lights turned on. A few minutes later the lights go out everyone screams and a video comes on from the stage with Selena in it. A minute later after the video Selena comes out and starts singing, and everyone screamed. I think aliens heard it! Selena started singing again, and before I knew it she said goodbye and all the fans started screaming and clapping and left.

Thank you for giving us the tickets. We had an amazing time, thank you so much!


Amy and Ella Gunderson

We're so happy the ladies enjoyed their night together.  Thanks to the Eleven Hair Salon for helping us put together this wonderful contest and we look forward to doing many more like this in 2014.  Here's what the ladies looked like after leaving the salon, looking good :)


Amy and Ella Gunderson


And here's the opening of the show that Ella described in her letter.