We all know its not the easiest thing to break up with someone we once cared and loved for so much, but sometimes it has to be done. After a break-up, you move along at your own pace and get yourself back out there in the dating game. It's also hard to see that your ex has moved on faster than you.

Even though Scarlett Johansson is in a new relationship with Nate Naylor, an ad executive, Scar is angered that her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds is also in a relationship. Ryan is dating Blake Lively, and things seem to be very serious between the two. So serious that Scar used to think that her and Ryan would get back together, but now she knows that may not happen.

Us Weekly says, "Scarlett cut off all contact with Ryan." Which I think can be a good thing. It's hard to see your ex move on with someone else and get serious when you are still in the 'finding out what you want to do next in your love life' stage. Putting closure on to something that didn't work out hurts and takes time. At least those are my own thoughts anyway. Even though our feelings get hurt in the end of a relationship, if you are still friends with the ex, I find it easier to want them to be as happy as they can be, even though it's not with you.

Does seeing your Ex with someone else anger you, even though you too are in a relationship?

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