There are lots of ways to save money that many of us don't think about. So many of us want that brand new car sitting in the driveway...The latest computer technology...the latest and greatest gadgets. But have you thought of how much money you could actually save if you waited on some of those purchases? See how long you can make these products last, before making your next purchase.


I thought that I was doing well with my laptop, as I think I've had it now for 6 years. It's still running great, and I try to take good care of it.  In comparison, my mother just purchased her first ever laptop, because she's had her desktop computer so long that it finally couldn't be updated anymore. But it was still running and in great condition. I'm not sure of the exact date she bought it, but I honestly think it was before the year 2000.


How many of us feel like we HAVE to have the smartest smart phone? You could save hundreds of dollars by just carrying a flip phone instead of having your social media everywhere you go..and might I add, probably spend more quality time with your family and friends.  They still make cameras, right? Does anyone know how to operate a camera anymore?


Being prepared for hunger is always a big challenge. Being hungry and grocery shopping is the worst. I've stretched my dollars by shopping for the must haves first, and going to the store with a set budget and cash in hand. You can save a lot of money by


I have to admit, I don't like to be HOT! If you're gone during the day in the summer, pull the blinds to keep the house cool in the summer. In the winter, open the blinds to let the sunshine in.


If your car is still running, do you really have to trade it in? What about driving it til it starts to putter out? There are lots of theories, but probably the best advice I've heard...buy something slightly used, take care of the vehicle, with proper oil changes, and other maintenance, drive safely, and then put money back to make a purchase with cash when the time comes that you really do NEED a new vehicle.


Do you have other money saving ideas to add to the list? Send us your thoughts to: kelly@mix949.com.