Some say it's political correctness gone awry, the Superintendent says the Santa program is "in conflict with the law". What do you think?The Saugus School District in Massachusetts decided on Monday to ban Santa Claus from their schools, but reversed their decision a day later after public outcry.

The Superintendent, Richard Langlois argued that the half century old tradition of having Santa Claus visit the schools via fire truck should not be allowed to continue because figures depicting religious figures in schools is not allowed under federal law. He says that times are changing and people are more aware of their responsibilities, but says they will reassess the policy next year.

A board member said that the banning of Santa Claus is "political correctness gone awry." The Superintendent "runs the day to day operations, but an all out ban of Santa Claus should have been a discussion that we had as a full school committee in my opinion."

Is Santa Claus a religious figure? Do kids of all faiths recognize Santa Claus? Shouldn't this decision or discussion have happened before the week of Christmas? Why wait until six days before Christmas to change the decision?