"Wall Street Journal" is saying that Ryan Seacrest met with NBC and "Today" show producers this week to talk about ideas for the future. The future meaning when Matt Lauer leaves.

Matt has been with "Today" since 1997 and is signed through the next year. After Meredith Vieira left earlier this year there was talk that Matt was planning to walk away when his contract was up.

NBC is apparently overly excited about the possibilities of having Ryan join "Today." No one is saying anything though. No official word from NBC, Ryan, or Matt's people.

Let's just say Matt does leave "Today" after his contract is up and Ryan gets the gig. It would have to be a pretty sweet deal. He has his own Morning Radio Show, E! News, and American Idol all in L.A. "Today" films in NYC.

The "Journal" cautions that these negotiations are "preliminary," and the "Hollywood Reporter" described the meeting as part of, "continued discussions," whatever that means.

Do you find it hard to adapt to watching or listening to shows, Radio or TV, when they change the people that are on?

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