Now that the Olympics are over, Ryan Lochte looks like he wants to stay on your T.V. as much as possible.

He does have a competitive side. Hello, he had to go up against the most decorated Oloympian, Michael Phelps. IF he had to choose he would pick DWTS over The Bachelor. According to him mom he really doesn't need help in finding dates.

Amy Rosenblum, a media expert, feels that Ryan would be perfect for The Bachelor,

“Ryan would make the perfect next Bachelor. He has the ‘it’ factor. Especially after his mother's one-night-stand comment, everyone wants to know who is the real Ryan and what would it be like to date him. Forget dancing shows -- this guy should be doing dating shows, for sure.”

I think Ryan and Michael should take their competitive sides to DWTS and The Bachelor. Two Bachelors on one show! Oh my, what we do with our weeknights?! I don't know what man I would want to date. Phelps or Lochte....tough call. A girl can dream right?

Would you want to be on The Bachelor if Ryan was the Bachelor?

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