Are you one of those who likes to sleep til the last second then get around and maybe miss Breakfast because you're in such a rush. Sometimes that sounds like me, but they say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is a solution to keeping Breakfast as part of your day.

breakfast is essential to the get up and go your brain needs whether it be at home or on the run, so let's eat.

Ziplock bags

The Ziplock  people have suggested some interesting ideas for Breakfast on the go (What's nice about using the Ziplock bags is that they compatible to your microwave, usually 30 secs is good) so here's a few examples (Family Style/Natalie):

Do you like Oatmeal and brown sugar (prepare in advance, then grab and go).

Scrambled eggs with ham and you even throw some vegetables in the mix).

French toast ( add  syrup later so your toast doesn't get soggy).

Try cereal and milk! (Ziplock it in and you're good to go).

You've got time to plan ahead and prepare some of these idea's, a day or even a week ahead that way at least your body is getting the nutrition it needs. one other thing, don't forget the disposible spoons and forks and a napkin, they might come in handy.

You can be creative and create your own Breakfast in a bag for on the go, whatever you do when you're done toss in trash and no dishes. Have a good day!