Last year, the world was in shock to see Lady Gaga step out on the red carpet for the MTV VMAs in a dress made with meat. Lady Gaga is the new Madonna and has to top her self every award show.  So what will Gaga do this year for the VMAs?

According to some rumors, Gaga will hang up her meat dress and step out in a dress made of bones. E! News says is offering Gaga $500,000 to wear a bone dress to the VMAs. The rumors say the company will work with a well-known fashion designer to create this dress.

"We won't reveal the number of bones that it includes just yet. Gaga would still be able to move in a normal fashion."

This rumored dress weighs twelve pounds., It will be auctioned off to benefit Bones For Hunger, a financial assistance program for struggling artists.

No word if Gaga is actually considering this dress, or not.

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