Alexis “Lulu” Martinez is once again facing an uphill battle.  She was first diagnosed with leukemia back in fourth grade and once again, cancer has reared its ugly head. According to family friends, if anyone can beat this thing, its "Lulu!"  Yesterday, friends, family, and almost the entire community of Royalton showed their support by wearing orange before yesterdays high school basketball game.

Alexis isn't in this battle alone and has an entire community to lean on when times get tough.  She's a huge Miley Cyrus fan and is hoping to meet the pop superstar when she plays the Xcel Energy Center on March 10th.  There's a Facebook page dedicated to making that dream a reality.  The page has almost 5,000 likes and local media outlets in Central Minnesota, including Mix 94.9, are working behind the scenes to get the message to Miley's handlers.

Our sister station WJON has more on the story. Click here to see the story and video that brought the community of Royalton together.