Are you ready for a spooky night stay at some of the most requested Inns in America when it comes to vacations?

  • The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is one of them, also known as the place where the movie, 'The Shining' was filmed. That right there is enough is give you a scare and take you through a trip in the mind of novelist, Stephen King.  Ghost hunters have made a visit there and have come to the conclusion that founder S.O. Stanley is haunting the Billiard Room. The Music Room is another area of the hotel where at night if you find your way into that room you can hear his wife playing the piano.

Next up is The Sagamore Hotel located in Lake George, New York, a resort layed out on 70 acres of land with a beautiful golf course and overlooks The Adirondack Mountains. Rumor has it that a young "Ball Boy" haunts the the hotel and then late at night the phantom of diners come out all dressed in their three-piece suits and evening gowns of the 1800's.

We must not forget The Crescent Hotel of 1886 with includes a spa and located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. it's a Victorian style lay-out that at one point in time was that of a girls school. Knowing that it's said to be haunted by a teacher named Miss Theodora who once lived at the school, she was in room 413 if you dare to check it out yourself.

Enjoy your stay and don't look under the bed!