The "Rock Band" Franchise has expanded for Playstation/Xbox and features, "Rock Band Blitz" and should be on the shelves August 28th for the Playstation and August 29th for Xbox.

Harmonix is the games creator and are really excited about the new line-up that includes Red Hot Chili Peppers (Give it Away), Foster The people (Pumped Up Kicks), Soundgarden (Spoonman), Shinedown (Diamond Eyes), Blink-182 (Alway's), Fall Out Boy (A Little Less'Sixteen Candles', A Little More Touch Me").

Other Artists featured will be My Chemical Romance, Pink, Maroon 5, Fun and the Classic Band Kool and the Gang's song, "Jungle Boogie".

If you ever mastered, "Rock Band" maybe "Rock Band Blitz" a rhythm beat matching game could prove to be a new challenge.

One key note by downloading, "Rock Band Blitz" you automatically unlock the roster of songs for "Rock Band Three". There all kinds of new elements to the new arcade style game.  Have fun and rock on.