Robert Pattinson says he got into an "argument" with Adele after he advised her to "reach for her goals."

He says,

"I had this argument with Adele, which is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever said. I was saying,'You know, you can really just like reach for it,'and she was like,'You do realize I am like the biggest-selling female artist ever?' And I just for some reason just decided to get into an argument with her."

Wise idea Rob. Do you really think Adele needs advice on reaching goals? Come on now. Just because she's not in movies and sings like you, does not mean Adele isn't giving it her all! It's like the A- student giving the Valedictorian a speech on the importance of homework. Rob does realize what he said was silly though;

"I woke up regretting everything I said."

Ever have one of those moments when you start talking and realize you should just stop, but can't? Going to go ahead and say 99.99% of us have done that. Thankfully it's not all over the internet to remind us!

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