With the success of "Twilight," there is one man that doesn't understand the worlds obsession with Vampires. Robert Pattinson, who plays a vampire!

In an interview with "Empire" magazine, he says

"I have never understood the fascination with vampires.  People are obsessed and I don't know why. I don't think I've ever seen a vampire movie where I think the vampires are attractive.  They end up looking worse than they do in their real life with the pale make-up and the fangs."

Funny thing is, I am Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, and I have no idea why. Jacob has nice muscles, Edward does not. Edward is cold to the touch, Jacob is not. Maybe it's his accent in real life.

Robert also told the magazine he though he was a little restricted while playing Edward, saying he wasn't allowed to do everything with the character that he wanted to...

"The annoying thing about him is the fan's perception of him as the perfect guy.  I wanted to play his flaws but then you have this subliminal idea coming from everywhere saying, 'No he's got to be perfect.'"

Do you find yourself obsessing over vampires? Would you have preferred Robert to play Edward with his flaws vs. the perfect guy?

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