I use my debit card everywhere. In fact, during the holidays I have to make a conscious effort to keep some cash on me so I don't have to keep apologizing to the Salvation Army bell ringers. But there are risks to using your debit card everywhere.

Experts say these are the riskiest places to use your debit card:

1. Stores online. Use your credit card instead of your debit card. You'll have much better fraud protection that way.

2. Gas pumps. Did you know that many gas station owners have to check their pumps every single morning because they get hit by thieves overnight? Those thieves put a fake card reader over the real one, and then copy the information on your card.

3. Outdoor ATM's. The same thing happens here as it does with gas pumps. If an ATM is outside and out of the way, thieves can easily access it without anyone seeing them.

4. Restaurants. Uh-oh. I do this all the time. Think about it. Chances are you don't know your server. They bring you the check, you give them your debit card, they disappear for a few minutes and then come back with your card.