It's a difficult task for anyone to cope with the loss of a loved one. Rhianna has to deal with that issue with the recent passing of her grandmother. Clara 'Dolly' Braithwaite passed away June 30th and Rhianna went to the services in her home town of Barbados.

She had cancelled her show in Madrid, Spain at the Rock Rio Festival and flew home to be her Mother for the funeral (two services one in New York and Barbados).

According to sources she is quoted as tweeting, "I wish u were here , Got so many questions and you always had answers #grangranDOLLY and "Send a message in the wind or something please #grangranDOLLY"

It's been reported that Rhianna has been spending time with Chris Brown ( wasn't he accused of beating her in 2009?) her ex-boyfriend and is apparently needs the advice from her dead grandmother in regards to her love life, especially getting back together with Chris in France.

According to an article posted on,Brown's rep is shooting down rumors that the two were together. Anyone's guess, especially when there both in the South of France at the same time, coincidence?

Since becoming very Spiritual a lot of this stems from a post in the Spiritual Truths stating that love is calling and that love is within her heart, "take notice of your feelings".

Rhianna talks to her grandmother on a pretty consistant basis through her tweets, a total tribute to her grandmother in writing.

I have always appreciated her music and her ability to entertain and only wish she finds the true meaning of who she is and what she needs in life.