If you're not a fan of Norah Jones, after  listening to her new album, Little Broken Hearts, you will be.

Her new piece of work is sassy, yet sultry.  It's some of her most compelling work to the point that the listener feels the damaged emotions of love in the lyrics. This is not the album to give you a lift --  if that's what you're looking for -- but the music will take you away.

From the song, "Good Morning" where she sings about love that faded and she's moving on to the song " Happy Pills," that sings of not trying in a relationship and cheating, a song that best defines the whole album.  Norah Jones and Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) co-wrote this masterpiece. The first single, "Little Broken Hearts," is no doubt ready to air.

Close your eyes and listen to the music.

-- Mark Alan, Townsquare Media St. Cloud

Happy Pills (Norah Jones Live Performance from Good Morning America)

Little Broken Hearts (from Good Morning America)