It's all about the communication that keeps the relationship strong but certain types of communication can be very damaging, i.e. Technology. By using Facebook or Twitter could be a real fast way to show your significant other the door.

Cosmo is a great source for the tech savvy and offers some advice on poor manners to avoid.


Texting way too much based on a recent poll in Cosmo (November Issue) shows that guys want no more than 'Five Texts' a day from you, otherwise; for the most part find it annoying. It doesn't matter if they are in a relationship or not period.

When the relationship has gone sour, after the dust settles some, the first thing one does is hit the sauce and text. This accomplishes nothing, for one thing you don't remember half of what you text'd until after you go back and look and find yourself saying, "Oh no I can't believe I text'd that." It can be very embarrassing for you to say the least.

The use of Facebook by posting in your blog seductive pictures of yourself in lingerie or a sexy bathing suit might make him feel left out considering you're feeding the eyes for the whole network to see.

Arguments are a private scene and should be kept that way, avoid changing your status to something you'll regret, " I hate it when men that etc...."

In a similar note be cautious as to not to "Like" the wrong page on Facebook, i.e., "The hate men" pages, they are negative in every sense of the word and your man will be the main topic of all gossip.

Your relationship status on Facebook isn't a prerequisite, so don't feel obligated in that way.