Every now and then, I like to taste a really sweet, sparkling, refreshing red wine.  I recently found out that some researchers in Spain found that grape seed in red wine actually slows down the growth of bacteria in your mouth. This sounds incredibly disgusting, but the researchers suggested that red wine could be as good for your teeth as brushing them!  Either the researchers are 12 year olds looking for a good excuse to stop brushing, or they're telling the truth. Let's just keep brushing...what do you say?!




Here's some other things that drinking red wine can do for your mouth:

  • Prevents Plaque

  • Prevents Cavities

  • Prevents Gum Disease


My favorite wine is by Cupcake: Moscato D' Asti.  Sparkling, fruity, tasty.  Ahhhh. Now that I know it's good for my mouth, I'll be enjoying some over the weekend.  In Moderation....of course.


Just FYI:  I plan on continuing with my teeth brushing regiment.