Don't get me wrong, I love animals. Typically I don't have a problem with them if they don't have one with me. My one exception to the rule is snakes. Here is a list of why I don't trust/am freaked out by them.

- They squeeze the life out of their prey. Some say they just hug too hard. I say there is a limit.

- Their teeth point backwards so their prey don't get a second wind and escape.

- Their jaws LITERALLY UNHINGE. That is not OK.

- Like most reptiles, the likelihood of them carrying salmonella is very high.

- They get loose in homes and hide in vents and pipes. Then they just pop out and scare the living daylight out of homeowners. Also not OK.

- I read a story about a lady that slept with her pet snake and one day it stopped eating. Turns out it was sizing her up and preparing to devour her.

- Have you ever seen the mating ball scene in Anaconda? Google it. It is self explanatory.

Abbey Minke Townsquare Media

- Taylor Swift has been labeled one as of recent, and it is low-key ruining her career.


What animal makes the top of your "Nope" list? Leave me a comment below!