Back when the news of her Tiger Woods affair broke, it was clear Rachel Uchitel was going to be able to make some big cash.  Whether it was through a tell-all book or a media tour or whatever.  She had a story and she was ready to tell it. But, instead of all that, her lawyer, Gloria Allred, negotiated a $10 Million settlement for Rachel.

It was basically "hush money." It came with a confidentiality clause that said Rachel could never talk about Tiger.  If she did, she'd have to return the money and Tiger could go after her for damages. Even though Rachel was careful during her media appearances not to talk specifically about Tiger, his lawyers have started suggesting that she did get too detailed and violate the confidentiality clause.

Which has led to this:  Rachel's returned the money to Tiger to avoid being sued, and now she's going after Gloria Allred. She's apparently hired a malpractice attorney because she feels that Gloria used her.  Rachel says Gloria made a deal with Tiger's attorneys that even if they went after Rachel, Gloria would still get to keep her millions in attorney's fees.

So, basically, Rachel had to keep quiet and be extremely careful with every word that she said for the rest of her life and Gloria was never in any danger of losing her share of the money.

Yesterday, Gloria issued a statement denying that she had a deal with Tiger's attorneys and also said that she no longer represents Rachel.

So, will we see a detailed tell-all book from Rachel in the future? Do we really care what went on during Tigers affairs?

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