When I moved back to Minnesota from Kentucky, I promised the boys that we could move back to Princeton. We have lots of wonderful family that lives in my hometown, and they were wanting to go to a school where they were able to have connections. Making friends in middle school years in a new place can prove to be very difficult. All the clicks have already been created. I PROMISED them I wouldn't move them out of Princeton.  But sometimes...I wish they wanted to move to the St. Cloud area. I have to admit, I love being back home and right next to my mom and dad's. I was away from them for so many years, that living 1/4 mile away from them makes my heart happy. BUT....I'm not a typical morning person, and to truly get everything done that I want to in the morning, I'd need to get out of bed at 3 am...and that's not happening. As a matter of fact, it's not happening at 4 either most days. I have visions of living closer and having just a 10 minute commute to work. So what would convince the boys to move? Actually, I don't think that's a possibility. But here's a good starter list.


  • BEING AWAY FROM GRANDPARENTS-This would be the most difficult. How lucky we are to have such great family to help us with all of our needs. We probably couldn't live without them near us.
  • GO THROUGH MOVING AGAIN- I don't think any of us can even think about packing up our things and moving AGAIN!
  • FINDING A NEW SCHOOL- The boys both do well in school and know their way around. Having to change schools can be very stressful.
  • MAKING NEW FRIENDS- This can be very stressful.
  • LEARNING THE AREA-It might take some time to get to know the area.
  • NOT LIVING IN THE COUNTRY-It's very quiet and peaceful in the country. With all the space you could ever need. Low crime rates.
  • ST CLOUD DRIVERS- Driving can be difficult anywhere..but St. Cloud definitely has it's issues with all the traffic lights, round abouts, and just plain traffic.
  • CRIME RATE- You definitely have to be more aware in a city than in the country.


  • HI SPEED INTERNET- This would be the big seller..for awhile anyway. They can't stand the slow internet speed that we get with our service in the country. It makes the internet and gaming experience not as fun, but as far as school work goes, it would help also.
  • CAR SAVINGS:  Gas, Mileage, and maintenance including oil changes and wear and tear on tires. More funds for other things we need.
  • MORE MOM TIME:  For all the events we attend, the live remotes, and just plain getting up in the morning, that extra hour of sleep would make me a happy happy camper. Not only that, I'd have more quality time with my boys. As it is, I make supper and see them on the weekends. This would give me almost 2 more hours in a day to work with, plus weekend gig drives would be shorter.
  • MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE FRIENDS. If they are feeling like they can't make new friends...they have an opportunity to change their attitude, be more outgoing, smile, and get out there to make some new connections. A larger group means more kids that they may have something in common with.
  • OPPORTUNITY TO TRANSFER EASILY TO COLLEGES IN THE AREA..THEY'D ALREADY BE FAMILIAR WITH THE AREA. Mason wants to go into the medical field, Tanner wants to be an artist. There's so many great colleges here in St. Cloud, it would be nice to get them in town to be familiar with their surroundings.
  • ACTIVITIES- Walking trails, Movie theatres, gaming stores, concerts,  theatrical performances, and sporting events.
  • CHOICE OF NEW SCHOOL- Sartell, St. Cloud, Waite Park, Sauk Rapids....You choose.
  • OPPORTUNITIES FOR PART TIME WORK..So many businesses to work at.  Games By James, Game Stop, Marcus Parkwood. I could see my kids working at these locations.
  • GREAT RIVER REGIONAL LIBRARY- This libary is amazing.
  • FOOD CHOICES- Grocery stores, health food stores, restaurants, and healthy shake shoppe options.

I have to admit, I love living in the country...I love to drive....it's the TIME of day that is difficult for me. I need to find some way to actually fall asleep and get some rest on a regular basis. Have suggestions? Let me know what you do!

Send your ideas to: kelly@mix949.com.