Watching my nieces grow up, I have an idea... only an idea, what to expect when my daughter is born in AUGUST! I'm guessing, you can never be ready for what's to come.

Above is my five-year-old niece, Savannah. She's sitting next to the kid who lives down the street, his name is Josh. Josh, seemed like your typical five-year-old boy, full of energy, you don't really know what he's talking about, but you play along anyway.

Josh seems o.k., UNTIL, my mom told me that she caught him and Savannah planting a KISS on each other!! I see red, even for a five-year-old, I see RED. The conversation with Josh quickly went from, "I like your bike"... to, "What's your life plan, how's your credit score, do you have a career path?"... again, this kid is five, BUT he's kissing my niece. Bad choice.

Once our daughter is born in late August, looking years down the road, little boys knocking at my door better have a answers for all the questions I asked Josh. I'm NEVER going to be ready for that, ever!


Matt Fallon/TSM


That's still Savannah, with the Medusa hair. This hair do was done for "Crazy Hair Night" at Vacation Bible School, but I imagine that's going to be how well I'll be able to braid hair... put it in a pony tail or whatever those things are on her head. I have one brother. We punched each other, not braid hair.


Matt Fallon/TSM


And can you ever be ready for the attitude? That's my two-and-half-year-old niece, Chelsea... I don't even need to type anymore. The picture says it all.