There has been many a day where I have eaten pizza for breakfast, and I got to hand it you, I love it! I know I ate a lot of pizza while in college, I mean who doesn't, but the good stuff isn't just the breakfast of choice for the college student anymore.

More and more now one is finding breakfast pizza's on many a menu at some of our favorite pizza joints. According to Nation's Restaurant News at least five percent of chain and independent eateries now offer some kind of pizza-like item designed for mornings and at least 18 percent more menus offer breakfast pizza compared to five years ago.

A couple of the bigger pizza chains are already on the breakfast bandwagon , Sbarro which is offering bacon,sausage,eggs and mozzarella pizza and BJ's has on their menu a mozzarella, marinara sauce type omelet of bacon, ham, sausage pizza. Expect some of your smaller chains to start hopping on this train.

Pizza could soon be the ultimate staple of the American breakfast.