This makes me love P!nk a million times more!

Pink was in the middle of her song "Who Knew" when out of the blue she stopped the show. It in Philadelphia on Sunday night and she way trying to figure out why a young girl in the crowd was crying.

"Hold it right there, one second. Is everything OK right here? Is this little girl all right? What's going on? Why is she crying? Why's she upset? Because there was a fight?  Y'all are fighting around a little girl?"

But apparently everything was O.K. She gave the girl a frog toy and a Rice Krispie's treat, that were apparently just sitting on the stage. Why? I'm not sure. If you have tickets to tonights show maybe you will find out why.  Anyway, she told the audience to cut out the fighting, and re-started the song.

Not only do I love her music, I love her don't mess with me attidutde, but also the gentle side to stop in the middle of a song to make sure someone in the audience was O.K. Rock on Pink!

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