If you've had the chance to listen to our bi-weekly Saturday morning gardening show, MIXed Greens, you know that my yard is in desperate need of a little TLC. I braved the trek into our side yard for some photos of how it looked after years of weak attempts at making it livable. Please don't laugh, but it is ok to cry. Over the next three months, I'll be documenting the transformations suggested by our MIXed Greens' host- Chanda from Fairview GardensYou can follow along as I give you updates on what work has been done, the products used and how much each step would cost. Make sure you click the 'Captions' button on the photo gallery for commentary.

In the meantime, you can hear Chanda on the Morning MIX every other Thursday from 8-9 and on MIXed Greens, every other Saturday from 8-9. Call anytime during her Thursday appearances or during the Saturday show for expert answers on your gardening woes, nuisances, as well as lawn and tree care. 320-251-5695