A month ago, I sadly lost my Family dog Molly. We decided to have her privately cremated so we could keep her in our home.

We found a lady that makes rocks with some of the remains in them. I made one of the rocks into a necklace so she can always be by my heart.

I personally think it is a great way to honor your pet.  I get that some may be creeped out by it, but if I never told you some of her remains were in there, you would have no idea.

Well, Peter K found out some of my dogs ashes were in the necklace and FREAKED out and told me to get out of his office! This is what he told me about my necklace.

"You are going to be attacked by a demon. I have watched too many horror movies. That necklace is trouble!"

I've gone ghost hunting several times. I have EVP of things talking to me. Nothing to scare me at all, and nothing has ever followed me home. You would think if a demon was going to come after me it would be while ghost hunting.

Peter says demons love to go after animals, and with her remins in the necklace they will come after me!

Sorry Peter K, but you are just crazy!!!

What do you think: Is Peter K crazy for thinking that, or am I crazy for not believing him?