My boyfriend has a dog...Well mannered for guests..I have a cat....who is also very well mannered.  My cat will run and hide when new guests arrive, and warm up to them if they stay for a longer period of time.  His dog, although well mannered, still gets a little excited when guests are over.  Everyone wants their pets to be polite and sociable to family and friends, and many send their pets to specialists to ensure that their pets are on their best behavior. But we have to remember that we as pet owners also need to be aware of how to handle our furry friends. Here are some great ideas to keep your pets on their best behavior.


Some dogs get fearful and overly excited.  Having an anxious dog behind a baby gate as guests arrive might be a good idea.  Introduce your animal loving guests  to your pet or pets after the initial excitement of the new visitors in the house wears off, and your pet has calmed down.


Keep aggressive dogs on a leash at all times, as aggression is a reaction to fear.  It can also be "prey" driven.   If your dog or puppy somehow injures another pet, get control of the situation, and apologize to the owner.  Offer to pay for medical expenses, and make sure they have your contact information.  Don't turn your cheek on the event.  It's important to take responsibility for a situation that your pet caused.


You probably don't like it when you go to someones home and their dog jumps all over you with affection.  So realize that although your pet may just love everybody that walks through the door, they need to learn that jumping, licking and drooling on guests  is "not okay".    Train your dog to sit, or train them to act a certain way when guests arrive.  Cats usually avoid strangers, but if your cat is "unusually unfriendly" maybe move him to a specific room in the house while guests are visiting.


You are 100% responsible for your dogs actions in a public know that going in.  Always remember that their will most likely be young children playing, older people walking, and lots of other dogs around.   Always keep your dog on a leash if this is the case.  Obey all park laws and always clean up doggy "doo doo".  You know how much you love stepping in be conscious and thoughtful of others.


Cats generally shouldn't travel unless necessary.  Put them in a travel kennel lined with bedding for a comfortable ride.  Dogs should also stay at home with a pet sitter, if they don't enjoy riding in a car.  If your pet is going to be left home alone, make sure you take them for a walk before you leave, and make sure they have toys to play with, enough water, and food.  If you are going to be gone overnight, MAKE SURE you either get a pet sitter, or at least have someone come in twice a day and feed, water and check on your pet, to make sure they are okay.  Sometimes leaving a TV or radio on for comfort can help as well.