Last year's Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Reynolds, was pretty hot- He's funny, got all carved up for his role as Green Lantern, and even guys seem to like him. But the time has come for Mr. Reynolds to pass the crown to someone new. announced their 2011 Sexiest Man alive this morning and it's:


Bradley is currently filming a movie called The Silver Linings Playbook in his hometown of Philadelphia and one day he noticed how cold it had gotten and that the weather was really affecting the homeless people who were hanging around the set, so Bradley, being the classy caring guy he is, sent his assistant out to get thousands of dollars in warm clothing, coats and scarves which Bradley proceeded to pass out himself. There was one homeless gentleman who remarked how much he liked Bradley's coat and though it was a gift from fellow actor Robert DeNiro, Bradley took it off and handed it over.

Congratulations to Bradley Cooper! He deserves it!