Paula Abdul is apparently just as loony in real life as she appears on TV. "Us Weekly" says that employees of her act as her motivation speakers. We all need our own personal cheerleaders from time to time, but if we can't think for our own, it becomes a problem.

According to "Us Weekly", here are some of Paula's demands:

•    Weird job requirement number one: Each assistant must carry and use a tape recorder at all times "because she doesn't trust her own conversations."

•    Weird job requirement number two: She makes them check the TiVo for any mention of her and put it on a DVD.

•    Weird job requirement number three: Team members should also prepare to go through her email -- and respond to family and friends as the star herself.

•    Weird job requirement number four: Paula apparently needs constant reminders that she is a "warrior, survivor and gift."

Are you still a fan of Paula even though she is a bit spacey and crazy in the head? Or, do you think people are making this up to get her publicity?

Let's refresh our minds on her crazy one liners!

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