It never fails. Some people get to wrapped up into what's going on with the T.V. they forget that it is a competition. Astro and Drew were eliminated on "X Factor" last week. Hardcore fans of Drew are taking to Facebook and Twitter to share their personal thoughts.

Those personal thoughts are death threats to judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. They were the two responsible for sending them home. L.A. Reid also voted to send Drew home, but that must be O.K. because his team member, Marcus, was in the bottom with Drew and Astro.

No on from the show has commented on the threats. Some tweets directed at the ladies include:


"**** you Paula you dumb **** . . . you voted off the most talented person on your ******* show.  I hope you die you DUMB *****." I hope you die, you selfish . . . @NicoleScherzy @PaulaAbdul Go die."

I don't blame the ladies for fearing for their lives. Issues like this you have to take seriously. What if one of those fans really did do something to harm them? No matter what was done, it's not like they can all be winners. And haven't we already learned from Reality Singing shows that you don't have to win to be a huge hit? Can anyone say Chris Daughtry?

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