Actor, Race car Driver, Professional Cyclist are all the titles Patrick Dempsey might be known for. Now he can add hero to that list!

On Tuesday, a 17-year-old named Weston crashed his vehicle in Malibu, known for famous people living there! The care flipped and landed upside-down. Fortunately for Weston, it landed right in front of Patrick Dempsey's house.

Patrick saw the crash, and was thinking on his feet and grabbed a crow bar! He ran outside to get the kid out of the car. According to Weston, when he opened his eyes, Patrick was looking down at him. He asked Patrick,

"Are you famous?"

And Patrick responded,

"I'm a doctor."

At least he plays on on T.V. Patrick waited with Weston until paramedics arrived and even called Weston's mother to tell her about the accident and keep her calm. It doesn't end there; Patrick followed Weston to the hospital to make sure he was OK. Somehow, Weston wasn't seriously hurt. He was hospitalized for a concussion and a stretched optic nerve, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"True Story: 'Grey's Anatomy' actor Patrick Dempsey pulled my friend's son out of overturned car after bad accident on Tuesday. #GoodDude."

TMZ has photos of the overturned car and the victim in the hospital. If you want to see those, CLICK HERE.

Should celebrities who save someones life be made into a hero? "Normal" people do this everyday without making headline news. I would admit that I would feel pretty cool if a star took out a crowbar to get me out of a car wreck. At least Patrick stepped in and helped and even made sure he was OK.

P.S. Check out this LINK on what to do if you come across a car accident!

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