Paris Hilton is perhaps one of the most famous heiresses of the decade. However, she is so much more than that, sure. She is a designer, businesswoman, singer and television star. These days, she is starring in "The World According To Paris", which airs tonight at 9pm on Oxygen. Love her or hate her, she knows how to promote herself. Granted her XXX Tape helped her out when she launched her first reality show "The Simple Life"  back in 2004, the woman puts herself out there. Personally I find her very annoying, bratty, and some people are even calling her a jerk after seeing a preview on her new show.

Oh, and if that's not enough news on Paris, well well well, I have a special treat for you. As you heard me talk about in tonight's Hollywood Buzz, Paris is back behind the mic. It's been what, four or five years since her debut album "Paris" bombed. She really thinks we missed her singing abilities. (Really, it was he microphone processors and tweaking her vocals to make it somewhat bearable.) I can't knock her too much, she sings better than I, but you don't see me trying to sell records!

Paris is in the process of recording a new album, from her home of course! "I've been working on this album for a really long time because I want it to be perfect. I recently changed the direction of the album. It was more pop before but now I'm getting rid of a lot of songs and going into a different direction with house music, so it will be a lot more dance and club." Hopefully the mixing of the music will drown out her vocals just enough. No actual release date has been set.

Darn it! I really want the album now!!!!

Just to refresh your memory on Hilton's first attempt at a music career....

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