Good 'ol Paris Hilton. One of the first "Famous for being Famous" so called celebs. She recently sat down in her own home and did an interview with "Good Morning America" and ABC anchor Dan Harris.

Why did GMA do an interview with Paris? I don't know, but, she ended up walking out of the interview when asked "Do you ever worry about your moment having past?"

I have to confess that on occasion, I have watched her new show on Oxygen "The World According To Paris." It's like a train wreck. She claims the baby talk and whining are from her previous "characters" she's played on her reality show "Simple Life." But, honestly, she's spoiled and knows it.

Back to "GMA." Paris held the interview in her own home, so it made it that much more awkward when she walked off and Dan Harris was just chillin in the chair. Harris said he then had a "long, heated conversation" with Paris and her publicist. After that, again, probably because he was still in her home, Paris cooled off and agreed to continue the interview.

For what it's worth, I still stand by my previous statement about Paris. She knows how to market herself, but that still doesn't mean shes relevant. Get back to us when you do something worth-while, other than a so called reality show and horrible music.

Check out the Footage from "GMA" and see Paris acting her bratty self.

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