According to a new survey, one out of every six parents admit they do all of their children's homework.  Out of those surveyed, 10% do it because they want to avoid a meltdown or tantrum.  One of the stats that blew me away, was 38% say their kids even leave them to do all the homework, while they wander off to play!  Last but certainly not least, 42% of those surveyed actually got excited when their kids got a good grade because they felt it validated their talents and skills.

In our house, we help Macy with her homework, but we don't ever do it for her (well maybe once I did that).  Tracy and I actually laugh at how hard the homework is for a second grader.  We have no clue on how to even help with some of the stuff that gets sent home, so we couldn't do it for her, even if we wanted to!