If you're a huge fan of the Olympics, you can own a piece of history, if the Price is Right. 

The 2012 Olympic Games cost about $3 billion to put on and now they're going to make some of that back by auctioning off some of the items.

You can own the game ball that Team USA used in the gold medal match. The current bid is $4749. You can also own one of the nets for $2829 or the rim for $1583.

Do you want to own the flag that the USA carried in the Parade of Nations at the Opening Ceremony? Current bid is $2214. You can also own the flag for the country of Bolivia for $213.

One of the sickles used by the performers during the Salute to Agriculture can be yours for $291. A nurse's outfit from the Salute to Medicine is going for $347 and a handbag from a Mary Poppins impersonator is up to $727.

A goal post from men's handball is $323 and if you want the net, that's going to be an extra $244.

Javelins, hammers and boxing gloves are also up for grabs as is the Algeria sign from the Parade of Nations. That's going for $47.

You can also "win" a bronze medal from the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis. Current bid is $31, 526. The torch from the 1948 London Olympics is going for $22,000.

If you'd like to bid or just watch, click HERE.

Do you ever wonder what they're going to do with everything else? Click HERE.

What would you pay for a piece of Olympic history?