Please be careful today while taking advantage of the great deals for Cyber Monday! Take a moment to read through these safety tips before logging on and burning up your credit cards.

1.  Don't allow websites to save your information for future purchases.  Your chances of being hacked go way up if you do.

2.  Be on the lookout for emails that include coupon codes or links to deals.  Especially if it's from a website you're not very familiar with.  And to be on the safe side, you should copy and paste any codes into the actual website.

3.  Never use your work email as your username on store websites.  And NEVER use the same password you use to sign in to your work email.  This could cause your employer to get hacked if the info fell into the wrong hands.

4.  Look out for fake package-tracking emails this month.  Experts think there might be a flood of them coming.  And if you click the links, hackers could get access to your computer and financial info.

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