There is no question that sometimes, young people do very foolish things.

We've all been there, right?  Whether it was just acting out your wild youth, giving in to peer pressure, or performing a "dare" to impress someone - we've all engaged in our fair share of crazy stuff.

I used to like mooning people, and toilet-papering friends houses.  But that's about as wild as I ever got, and I never got into any trouble with the law.  It's important to know where, and when, to draw the line.

A young Illinois couple will have some jail time to figure all of that out.  A 19 year old man, and his 21 year old girlfriend - went through a McDonald's drive thru at 11:40pm - completely nude!

Restaurant workers called the police, and when they arrived a few minutes later, the couple was still in the parking lot - eating their food - and completely naked.

The two youngsters told officers they only were coming from two blocks away - and they thought it would be fun to try and get away with not having to put any clothes on.  They each were wrapped only in a blanket.  They have since been released from Knox County Jail after being ordered to appear in court to face the charges.

Hey, being naked, and fast food - certainly two of my favorite things in the world.  And they go great together.  After you get home from the drive thru, and take your clothes off in your living room, where you won't get arrested!

That turned out to be one expensive Big Mac!