The usual headlines surrounding the NFL is that this player wants more money, this player has a hang nail and can't play for a month or this player got into trouble. Here's a good piece of news about a football player who paid for everyone to play sports.

A lot of schools are having budget woes and have to cut programs or raise athletic fees just to keep certain things going. Well, one person who likely isn't having a budget crisis is LaMarr Woodley. He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he recently signed a contract extension that netted him $61.5 million dollars. He realized that that was just an asinine amount of money, so he decided to use it to do some good.

LaMarr is going back to his high school in Saginaw, Michigan because he heard that the school has been dealing with some serious budget issues and recently implemented a pay for play system and it's the first time that the district has ever had to do something like that and not everyone would be able to afford the $75 fee, so he decided to step in and save the day.

LaMarr wrote a check and paid for everyone to play sports this year. School officials say that the tab will run him $60 thousand dollars.

For the record, that's less than one tenth of one percent of his salary.