Everyone has their own threshold of tolerance when it comes to crossing that imaginary line of what is and is not acceptable to broadcast on network TV.

Same-sex kissing, love scenes between teenagers, rude comments about individuals have all been in the news lately with shows getting parents upset. Shows are pressing viewers buttons more and more. But, if you want to relate to the audience, sometimes the shows may be going to far.

In next week's episode of "Modern Family" baby Lily will be saying the F-word. Obviously it will be censored and the baby actress isn't really saying that word, I still have a feeling the Parents Television Council will be getting some phone calls.

ABC wasn't originally on board with this idea. The shows creator explains their reasoning for the idea.

"We had to really convince ABC. We thought it was a very natural story since, as parents, we've all been through this. I think it's all about context.  We are not a sexually charged show.  It has a very warm tone, so people accept it more. But, I'm sure we'll have some detractors."

It's true, you can't please everyone. There is a good chance that your child has learned a naughty word outside the home and has used it in front of you. Some parents find it funny, others punish their child for using such fowl language they may or may not know the meaning behind.

I can remember as a child running around yelling, "Holy Testicle Tuesday" thanks to Ace Ventura. I had know idea what that term meant back then (I was only in Fourth Grade in 1994...) now that I do I can't help but laugh at myself. My nephew a few years ago dropped an F-Bomb while eating pizza;"This is Bleeping Gross!"  It was so hard not to laugh, because if we did he would continue to say it.

If your child has done something like this, how did you react?

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