FALCON HEIGHTS - When you go to the Minnesota State Fair this year you'll find 32 new foods on the grounds. Spokeswoman Brianna Schuette says the list mimics the larger food scene in Minnesota.

And so you'll see things with bacon, donuts, and Spam, and wild rice.  And so the food scene at the fair takes after the larger food scene. There's some trends we're seeing this year that are really fun on that list.

Schuette says there is over 500 different foods in all on the fair grounds.

You'll also find several new attracts this year at the Minnesota State Fair.

Image courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair

Schuette says one of the 24 new attractions is the "Unite In Purple" event this Friday night honoring Minnesota-native Prince.

In every way that we can we are going to paint the fairgrounds purple. And so you'll see a special tribute during our fireworks and laser shows. There will be Prince music playing all throughout the fairgrounds. And, iconic fair buildings and carnival rides will be lit in purple that evening.

Schuette says you can also pickup some award-winning recipes with the new "Recipe Card Roundup" everyday in the Creative Activities Building.

Where fair goers will be able to pick-up blue ribbon winning recipes from the State Fair of 2015 to actually make those recipes in their kitchen.

Image courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair

The State Fair starts tomorrow (Thursday) and runs through Labor Day.