"Repurposing" and "upcycling" seem to be the hot new buzz words these days. Here are a few suggestions for new uses for household items. 

Dental Floss

Keep a small stash of unflavored dental floss around the house. You can use it to cut soft cheeses perfectly. I can't cut a straight line to save my life, so I use waxed and unflavored dental floss to help cut sheet cakes, carve round cakes and it can also do triple duty to help you reattach a wayward button.

Ice Cube Tray

Most refrigerators have ice makers right on the door, so if you have ice cube trays just lying around, you can use it in your bedroom to organize small jewelry items like earrings and rings. I once used an ice cube tray to freeze some strawberries from my garden that I had blended into a puree. I made lemonade and popped a few in the glass. Perfection. Do your kids like to paint? Squeeze washable paint into the wells.You can use it to jump start your garden by putting dirt into the wells and planting seeds.

Muffin Tins

You likely don't make muffins or cupcakes every day (I know I don't) so while your muffin tins are just lying there in your cupboard, whip them out and use them to serve condiments at your next barbecue. Keep ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles and onions in the different cups. It's easier and cleaner than keeping the whole bottle out on the table. Takes up less space, too. Muffin tins also make great ice cream servers. Place a cupcake liner in each well of the tin. They perfectly hold one scoop of ice cream without it running into your pie or making cake soggy. Speaking of cupcake liners, poke the stick of a Popsicle through a cupcake liner before handing it to your kid. No more drips!

Do You Have Any Clever Uses for Household Items?