With the rolling hills, the gorgeous bay and that powerful landmark The Golden Gate, it's pretty easy to fall in love with San Francisco. If you've ever been there, you know how Pat Monahan feels. I would assume it's even easier to love the Bay Area if you've made it the home-base for your band. With five albums over 10 years and 3 Grammy's, Train has weathered personnel changes, and a three hiatus. But last year Pat Monahan, Jimmy Stafford and Scott Underwood proved they still have what it takes to muse a hit, and to make the ching. Not only did they have a massive success with Hey Soul Sister and two others (Is It Love & Marry Me- are we seeing a pattern here?), but they also managed to score a song for a Coke commercial (Shake Up Christmas) over the holidays. Their new album 'Save Me San Francisco' has given us a fourth wonderful tune. This time it's the title track-