This week I found two excellent new songs from two of our favorite artists. We'll start with the original rebel herself: P!NK. Since her explosion on the music scene in 2001 with "Mizzundastood" Alicia Beth Moore has reinvented the old category of Chick-Rock. With each new album, and most recently even her Greatest Hits' release, she continues to bring attitude, empowerment and kick-in-the-pants pop-rock style a new edge.

IN the last few albums, though, we've begun to see a whole new side of P!nk. Starting with 'Who Knew', P!nk began to show us deep inside she's still a tender, emotional and caring young woman. When we first heard 'Glitter In The Air' we thought it was over for P!nk and maybe Alicia had finally found her way out. But then, we got a taste of 'Raise A Glass' and we knew she was still there, ready to smack ya in the back of the head, just for a laugh.

Now she's causing a stir again with 'F***king Perfect'. It won't take much to find the Explicit video version of this song. But, trying to stay within our boundaries, we couldn't play it as is... until now. P!nk, more than likely was dragged back in the studio to re-record one line for a radio release. I'm glad she did, because this song is GREAT! Here's the 'cleaned-up' version of 'Perfect'



The other new song jumping on the MIX 94.9 On-Air Playlist this week is another song from Sara Barielles' new album 'Kaleidoscope Heart'. Four years ago, when I first heard 'Love Song' as a free download from iTunes, I knew it was going to be huge. That piano riff Sara banged out so effortlessly has just the right ring to it... and the back story to how Sara came up with the tune is incredibly ironic.

Now she brings us 'Uncharted' a song she says is written about the trepidation she felt trying to live up to expectations placed on her after the huge success 'Love Song' brought her. The video I found for you comes from a live web-cast appearance on VH-1.