You may have noticed quite a few new songs lately on MIX. We've responded to your demands for more variety and with that we've decided to add more new music to the 'MIX'. This means we can dive deeper into the slew of great new tunes that are released every day.

This week we're featuring a band that's been huge on the alternative side of radio and just now making inroads in pop... and a group that just received a huge bump in popularity after appearing on a late night talk show.

My Chemical Romance hails from New Jersey and was formed a week after the terror attacks on New York City by front-man Gerard Way  and drummer Matt Pelissier. Way had witnessed the planes crash into the World Trade Center and wrote the song "Skylines and Turnstiles" to express his feelings. Guitarist Ray Toro was recruited because at the time Way couldn't sing and play the guitar at the same time. The name of the band was suggested by bass guitarist Mikey Way, younger brother of Gerard, who was working in a library when he was struck by the title of a book named Ecstacy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance. Here's the very interesting video for the tune we're playing: "Sing"


Next is a group that runs the table when it comes to modern soul. Based out of LA, Fitz (Michael Fitzpatrick) began his songwriting on an old church organ. This is Fitz And The Tantrums' first foray into a full-blown recording, although they did lay down tracks for an EP in 2009. We're playing Money Grabber from their album 'Pickin' Up The Pieces' . They have made several live appearances on the late night talk shows, but most recently they garnered over 5000 Facebook fans from a single performance on 'Conan'. They've also opened several shows for Maroon 5. We've found the electric performance from Conan for you-