This weekend at Parkwood 18 Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen cruise across the pond in Pixar's latest and Cameron Diaz is a slacker teacher with the hots for Justin Timberlake in a naughty comedy -

(Rated G) - Lightning goes overseas to compete in a set of races to determine the world's fastest car.  His best friend Mater goes with him, and Mater's recruited by a British agent for a top secret mission after being mistaken for an undercover spy. Owen Wilson does the voice of Lightning McQueen, Larry the Cable Guy returns as Mater, and Michael Caine's silky tones provide the voice of British spy car Finn McMissile.  Disney good luck charm John Ratzenberger is also back as Mack.  He's been in every Pixar movie since the first "Toy Story" movie back in 1995.

Of course you'll get the usual Pixar extra cartoon before the film- This time we get "Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation". Barbie and Ken are trying to take a romantic vacation in Hawaii, but their plans get messed up so the other toys help out.

(Rated R) - Cameron Diaz is a foul-mouthed teacher who doesn't really care about teaching. She's simply killing time until she can find a sugar daddy. That's when she tries to sink her gold-digging claws into Justin Timberlake, a substitute teacher with a rich family.