If you're having a hard time deciding which film to hit this weekend at Parkwood 18 - here are the trailers to help you decide.

"Dream House" (PG-13)

Daniel Craig discovers his house was once a murder scene.  Then he finds out his life with his wife and daughters might not even be real . . . and that he was in a mental institution for supposedly killing them.  Rachel Weisz is his wife, and Naomi Watts is a neighbor helping to separate fantasy from reality.

50/50" (R)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt comes to terms with a cancer diagnosis that ends with a 50/50 chance.  Seth Rogen plays his best friend, Anjelica Houston his mom,  and Anna Kendrick is his sexy but inexperienced therapist.

"What's Your Number" (R)

Anna Faris finds out women who've had more than 20 lovers are stuck being single . . . and freaks out because she's already been with 20 guys… which leads her to re-evaluate all her past trysts. When Chris Evans shows up across the hallway, he offers to help out if she gets rid of his crazy ex. Anna’s past is littered with crazy goofs like Andy Samberg"Reno 911's"Tom Lennon, and "HEROES & Star Trek’s" Zachary Quinto.